Server Application Specifications

What is Copernic Search Server

Copernic Search Server is a powerful program that lets you build a file database that can be access by Copernic Desktop Search Enterprise users to retrieve documents located on your enterprise network. This allow all users in the same environnement to have a common document  database, centralized on a single Search Server.

Supported Environments

    • Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Windows Server 2012
    • Windows Server 2012 R2
    • Windows Server 2016

How to configure Copernic Search Server ?

Follow those steps to properly configure Copernic Search Server properly. To allow Copernic Search server to work corerctly, you will have to:
    • Install the application.
    • Activate your licenses.
    • Configure your folder to index.
    • Configure the Active Directory security.

Install the Copernic Search Server:
    • Double-click on the .exe file to start the install of CSS.
    • Select the desired language in the drop list and click Ok.
    • Click Next on the Welcome page.
    • Accept the "End-User License Agreement" and click Next.
    • Choose a location to install CDS and click Next.
      1. Note: You can choose to create a shortcut on your desktop.
    • Click on the Install button.
    • Click on the Finish button. Note: You can select to launch the application immediately.
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Activate your Copernic Search Server license:
    • Open Copernic Search Server.
    • The activation window will appear in the main section of the application.
    • Type or paste your license number in the Activate Copernic Search Server Field.
    • Click on the Continue button.
    • Click on the Continue button in the Thank you for registering Copernic Search Server window.
    • You can now configure the application.
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Configure Copernic Search Server folders to index:
    • In the main menu, click Options
    • Select the Files tab.
    • Click Add. A new line will appears at the bottom of the list.
    • Type the folder path that you want to add.
    • Press the Enter Key to confirm the action
    • Click Save configuration or Escape key to confirm your operation.
    • Click OK in the confirmation dialog.
Note: The path typed must be a UNC path Ex: \\Computer_Name\Share_Folder\Sub_folder ...
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Configure the Active Directory security:
    • In the main menu, click Options.
    • Select the Indexing & Performance tab.
    • In the Security section use the Uses Active directory security for clients users access rights on file to enable or disable access directory security.
      1. Note: For more information on this feature go to Active directory Security section.
    • Click Save configuration or Escape key to confirm your operation.
    • Click OK in the confirmation dialog.

Active Directory Security

To avoid that unauthorized users have acces to confidentials files, Copernic Search Server can take into consideration the Active Directory permissions on each file. Doing so, the files that the user is not authorize to see will not appears in the result list when a search is launch.

Two clients having different authorisations in the Active Directory might have differents search results for the same search query.

If permissions changes for a file or a folder, the index must be updated for those changes to be consider during the search operation.

This option can be enable or disable on the Server side using the Uses Active Directory security for clients users access rights on file check box located in the Indexing & Performance section of the Options window. This option is Enable by default.