Here are some usefull informations to troubleshoot problems when using Copernic Search Server.

Can Copernic Search Server be execute as a service?

    The service will be available in a future update but for now the Copernic Search Server can only run in a Windows session.

The Search Server doesn't receive requests from clients

    Firewall or Antivirus

      Make sure that the TCP port 808 is open on the server for the current domain.  All communications from clients uses this port.

      If an antivirus is install on the server machine, make sure that it doesn't block the communication process between the clients and server.

    Copernic Search Server address setup in Copernic Desktop Search Enterprise clients

      Make sure that the Copernic Search Server address is correctly entered in the Copernic Desktop Search Enterprise options. Please read the Specify a Copernic Search Server (server) location section of the Client Application Specifications.

The Search Server receives requests but no results are return to clients

    Active Directory

      Copernic Search Server version 1.0.2 and up uses the Active Directory file permissions as a security feature to control information that the clients have access. Please read the Active Directory Security section of the Server Side Specifications.

Previews are not working on clients

    Previews from file sources

      Previews of files are process directly without passing through the Search Server, therefore, the files must be accessible from the client side using the same path to be previeable. Please refer to the Configure Copernic Search Server folders to index section of the Server Side Specifications.

      Starting from Windows 10 version 1709 (Fall Creators Update), the Server Message Block version 1 (SMB v1) network protocol is no longer installed by default. If you want to preview files located on a share drive using SMB v1, you must install this protocol on Copernic Desktop Search Enterprise clients computers. Please refer to the Microsoft documentation.

    Previews from email sources

      To preview an email from a Copernic Desktop Search Enterprise client, Microsoft Outlook must be configured with the same mailbox on both server and client. This is required since, like the files, the emails previews are done on client side and not on the server.

      To preview an email from a Copernic Desktop Search Enterprise client, the configured Outlook plugin must be the same on both server and client. Refer to the Select Outlook Plugin in the confuguration section.

    Why documents count doesn't refresh from the indexing status on Search Server?

      For a document to be available from a search request or from the documents count, the index on the server must be refresh and all indexed pending documents must be push back to the index. This is called a commit of the index. Since the index commit is a costly operation, this is done only about every 2,000 documents indexed or after a search request is received from a client.

    How to use the console on Search Server?

      To uses the Console on the Search Server, click on the Console button in the Server tool bar. The console on the Search Server list the requests for the Copernic Desktop Search Enterprise clients. The listed request could be a search query or a request for fields of a search results page from the results list.

      Once a request from a client is received by the Search Server, the request will be logger in the console view and in a log file in the Search Server configuration directory. The logged information includes the date and time, the user name and SID, the IP address of the client and the requested query string.

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