Basic Functionalities to know

Create a simple search

    • Open CDS.
    • Choose the search category by clicking the corresponding category icon.
    • Type the keywords in the Search Box.
    • Press the Enter key or click the Search button to launch the research.

Tips: CDS show result as you type.

Tips: Just select a category to display all documents indexed for that category.

Tips: You can use search operators, such as Boolean operators, parentheses and quotation marks to refine your query.

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Manage results

CDS displays the search results in the upper right part of the interface. They can be sorted according to various criteria and shown in groups. When you select a document in the list, CDS generate a preview of the selected document. To facilitate examination of a selected result, Copernic Desktop Search can highlight the keywords in the document preview and scroll to the first occurrence automatically.

Keyword-find drop down

The header of the preview section features a drop down where you can find each keyword of your search query. Click on the right or left arrow next to the drop list to scroll to the next keyword. You can also type a new word to find this term in the preview of the document.

Action on results

The header of the preview section also features a drop down containing actions that can be performed. The actions vary depending of the document selected. You can do a right click on a search result in the result list to display the same set of action in the context menu.

Multi selection of search results

You can hold the Shift or Ctrl key to select multiple search results in the result list and apply an action on all those search results at once.

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