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Indexing Status

You can view the indexation process via the status bar at the bottom of the application. When Copernic Desktop Search is not indexing documents, it displays the message Idle (Nothing to index) in the status bar. The status bar provides the following information:

Action performed by Copernic Desktop Search. As actions usually require a second each, you might not have time to read everything.

The detailed version, the Indexing Status window, displays actions and the time at which they were performed. It also shows the number of indexed documents.

Display the Indexing Status window:

    • In the View menu, click Indexing Status.
    • The preview pane is replaced by the Indexing Status window.
    • Repeat the same steps to replace the Indexing Status window by the Preview Pane.
Tips: The Indexing Status window can help you finds bad files provoking indexation errors or application crash.
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Display results in Groups

Sorting results means changing the order in which they are displayed according to a specific criterion, whereas grouping them implies breaking the order by creating small groups instead of a continuous list without affecting the sorting order in any way.

To group results:

    • In the Viewmenu, click Groups.
    • Click Show in Groups to activate the grouping.
    • Then click on Collapse all Groups to show each groups collapsed or click on Expand all Groups to show each groups expanded.
Note: This option is only available with the Detailed and thumbnail view. It will be grayed out with the Standard view.
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Sort Search Results

Sorting results means changing the order in which they are displayed according to a specific criterion. This could be by Date, by Folder, by Author, etc.

To sort results:

    • Perform a search.
    • In the View menu, click Sort by and choose the desired sorting.
    • The results will be sorted accordingly of the chosen sorting.
Note: The sortings available may vary depending the View and Category selected. you can access quickly to each sorting via the result pane.
Note: In the Standard view, you can click on the column to select it as a sorting and change between ascending or descending.
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Preview Pane

Copernic Desktop Search offers a convenient Preview Pane to analyze a result's relevancy or cut and paste a selection.

Show result in Preview Pane:

    • In the View menu, select Preview Pane.
    • Click on Show results in preview pane to activate the preview pane.
    • Repeat the same process to deactivate the preview pane.

Preview Pane Location:

    • In the View menu, select Preview Pane.
    • Click on Bottom to display the preview at the bottom or Right to display the preview pane at the right of the main window.
Note: YOU CAN Deactivate the preview pane to accelerate your movement in the result list.
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Highlight Keywords

Copernic Desktop Search can highlight your keywords in the search results list and the preview pane.

Highlight keywords you are looking for:

    • In the View menu, click Highlight keywords.
Tips: Locate your keywords more quickly by using the drop down containing the keywords and the arrows next to it in the preview header.
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