Index and indexing process

Why are some files not indexed on the fly on my computer?

Copernic Desktop Search offers indexing on the fly for all categories. Even if you activate Indexing on the fly, a automatic or manual update might need to take place for different reasons. Here are the different issues:

    • Email messages that are received when Outlook is closed are not indexed on the fly.
    • Outlook archives (.pst) are never indexed on the fly.
    • Files that are created or modified and emails that are received while Copernic Desktop Search is closed are not indexed on the fly. These addition, modification and deletion will be applied to the index at the next index update (manual or scheduled).
    • A network drive is not indexed on the fly.
    • Documents stored in the cloud are not indexed on the fly.

Search problems

Why can't I find the file that I am looking for?

    • It might be in a different search category.
    • It might not be indexed yet. Wait a few minutes for the real-time indexing process to pick it up.
    • Files in this search category are not indexed at all. Verify that the files are indexed and if they are not make all required changes.
    • The file format is not indexed. Verify that this file extension is indexed. If the file extension is not in the list, add it.
    • It was on a removable media. Files located on CDs, DVDs and removable drives are indexed but are deleted from the index when the media is replaced.
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Uninstall Copernic Desktop Search

    • Close Copernic Desktop Search
    • On the Windows start menu, type "Add or remove programs" on Windows 7 or "Apps & features" on Windows 10.
    • Find Copernic Desktop Search in the application list.
    • Select the CDS program in the list and click on the Uninstall button.
    • The Copernic Desktop Search Uninstall window opens. Continue the uninstallation of Copernic Desktop Search by clicking Next.
    • To preserve configuration, saved searches and index, leave the Keep my Copernic Desktop Search user profile box checked.
    • Click on Remove.
    • Click on Finish.
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