Other features

Tray icon overview

The Copernic Desktop Search tray icon ( Icone ) is located in the Windows system tray (nearby the clock). It indicates that, although the application window is closed, the application itself is running. This allows CDS to detect new and modified files constantly, and newly received or sent emails, to real-time indexing, when necessary. It also enables the software to monitor CPU activity constantly and throttle back as necessary.

You can double-click the icon to open the application window. You can also right-click it to display the shortcut menu.

See also: Minimize CDS to the system tray

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Index in real time

Copernic Desktop Search can index your items in real time. This feature is calledOn the fly indexing. CDS constantly monitors your computer to notice new or modified files/emails and reindexes them if necessary. Hence, adding, modifying or deleting a file, or receiving, sending, moving or deleting an email will trigger immediate re-indexing or the particular file/email. Files that have not changed will NOT be reindexed.

IMPORTANT: CDS needs to run to index on the fly, just minimizing it to the system tray.

Note: This feature is only available on local files, Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. Files located on removable drives or on network drives won't be indexed in real time.

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